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Ray O' Connor - 1 ROCK SOLID DRIVING SCHOOLHello to all new students and a very warm welcome to  
an independent Driving School owned by myself,
Ray O' Connor, to which I am totally committed to providing high quality, value for money, Driving Lessons.
After I retired in October 2010 from the Permanent Defence Forces having served over 22 years, I realised it was time to put the skills and knowledge that I had acquired over the years as an accident free Army Driver to some good use, and decided upon a career of teaching people how to drive.

ADI Certificate Of Registration - 1 ROCK SOLID DRIVING SCHOOL
So, in January 2010, I commenced my ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) Training and on Friday 13th August 2010 (yes Friday 13th for those of you who are superstitious) I passed my final exam and  received my Certificate Of Registration (shown here) and became a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor having achieved excellent high marks on all three (3) Qualifying Stages of the syllabus of training and, as a result, have been entered onto the Road Safety Authority (RSA) Registrar of List Of Approved Driving Instructors.  I am also a member of the Driving Instructors Association Professional, Ireland (DIA Professional Ireland) along with the Irish Driving Instructors Association. (I.D.I.A.)    
I offer a One to One tuition from your Home, College or place of Work, which includes a Door-to-Door pick up and drop off. What you should expect and receive from me will be an expert, reliable, friendly and relaxed atmosphere in which to learn all the skills that are required not only to pass your Driving Test, but will hopefully stay with you throughout your Driving life. I DO NOT share your allocated lesson time with any other student so if you book a lesson for 1 hour then you will be with just me for that full 1 hour.
Because I have you, the customer, at my best interest, I must point out some important things to look out for regarding your safety and peace of mind when it comes time to receiving those all important Driving Lessons. Whatever Instructor you may decide on to teach you, (other than myself)
ADI Permit Ray O' Connor - 1 ROCK SOLID DRIVING SCHOOLyou should be totally aware of the fact that since the 
01 May 2009, all  Driving Instructors in Ireland
 MUST be entered onto the Registrar of List of Approved Driving Instructors and MUST display the ADI Permit (shown here) on the dashboard of the tuition vehicle at all times. It is an offence to give Instruction otherwise.
I'm afraid to say that even with all the safety measures in place, there are still rogue instructors out there, not listed on this Registrar and are still taking money off unsuspecting innocent people. 

Quality Approved Driving InstructorNowadays in this economic climate, your money is more important than ever.
You are duty bound and perfectly within your rights to ask your Instructor to see his/her ADI Permit and it's his/her duty to carry it with him/her at all times. Don't be put off with the excuse that it's left at home. If in doubt check the full List of Approved Driving Instructors right here. 

Quality Approved Driving Instructor
My own details as you can see pictured here, are taken from  the RSA websiite. and shows the Quality Approved symbol beside my name. 

Finally, I would just like to say that your business is very important to me, and for this reason I want you to look forward to your lessons and to enjoy the learning experience just as much as I will enjoy teaching them. From my own experience, I have found that there is more knowledge absorbed when the lessons are constructive,informative and above all FUN. 
Opening Hours
  Monday - Saturday:-  8.00am - 8.00pm.
(Summer Months & Long Evenings)
 Monday - Saturday:-  9.30am. - 4.00pm.
(Winter Months & Short Evenings)
Sunday:-  9.30am. - 4.00pm.
(All Year Round)

Bank Holiday Sunday & Monday - CLOSED.