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Road Safety Videos (RSA)

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RSA Crashed Lives – For Ciarán
RSA Ireland

RSA Crashed Lives – For Ciarán

Ciarán Treacy was just four years old when the car he was travelling in with his mother Gillian and brother Seán was hit by a drunk-driver. Ciarán died as a result of the collision while Gillian was left with devastating injuries. Ciaran’s parents Gillian and Ronan have worked tirelessly over the past year on this campaign. We commend them for the incredible bravery and strength of character they have demonstrated in sharing their story and giving us a glimpse of the weight this loss had has had on their lives. This year, our Crashed Lives campaign returns to focus on drink driving. A report we launched earlier this year showed that alcohol contributed to 38% of collisions between 2008 and 2012. When we looked at driver and rider deaths only, alcohol was a factor in 29% of these collisions. In this period, drink-driving claimed the lives of 286 people, a shocking loss of life. This advertisement further aims to demonstrate the ripple effect that a collision such as the tragic one experienced by the Treacy family has on all who knew 4 year old Ciaran. As the reality of a Road Traffic Collision is that it's not one or two or three lives that get destroyed at the scene of a car crash, but 10, 20, 100 lives - and not just for days, months or years, but forever. Crashed Lives is a road safety campaign featuring true life case studies in which people speak about the consequences of a crash or about the loss of loved ones in road collisions. Please see further information on the campaign here: It’s never just one life. Never EVER drink and drive.
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