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Terms & Conditions

"Winners Never Quit & Quitters Never Win....Which One Are You"

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The following Terms and Conditions represent the basis upon which driving
lessons and courses are offered to you by

and MUST be accepted before undertaking any Instruction with either Driving

Please note the contract for service is between yourself and your


operates their business which has been agreed to be bound by the following
terms and conditions.

1. General Conduct

are bound by a Professional Code of Conduct.
Your Instructor will be courteous, polite, tidy and punctual.
He will be friendly, helpful and approachable.
He will behave in a Professional and ethical manner at all times.
He will promise to teach the Road Safety Authority (RSA) syllabus of training
and to promote Safe Driving for Life.
Your tuition vehicle will be well maintained, road worthy and NCT checked if
It will be clean and tidy and is Professionally fitted with dual-controls as part of
it's standard equipment.

1 ROCK SOLID DRIVING SCHOOL tuition vehicle is of course, taxed and insured for driving tuition.
Your Instructor does not smoke and will NOT allow smoking in the vehicle
while giving tuition. It should be noted that if the pupil is undertaking a lesson
in his/her own vehicle, that while nerves play a big part in learning to drive,
smoking should strongly be avoided by the pupil during the course of his/her
lesson for safety reasons, if not, for the health of the Instructor.
After all, you won't be allowed to smoke during your actual Driving Test.
Your Instructor will NOT use your lesson time for any other form of business,
personal or otherwise.

2. Qualifications

As a minimum, your Instructor will be licensed by the
Road Safety Authority (RSA) to give driving tuition, and is a fully qualified
Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

3. Course Materials

Various Driving Skills materials from books to DVDs are available to purchase

Please talk to your Instructor in reference to your needs.
The Instructor will discuss your personal development and easy ways of
learning at the end of your first lesson.

4. Driving Licence/Learner Permit

All students must hold a current, valid Driving License (Learner Permit or Full),
which must be produced on, or in advance, of their first lesson.
Students M
UST have their Learner Permit/Licence with them for every lesson
they attend, otherwise the lesson will not be conducted and you will be sent
home. We can all forget things now and again and if it happens once, then a
verbal warning will be given as a reminder to bring it in the future and there
will be no money penalty incurred or lessons written off. However, if it
happens a 2nd or subsequent time, then that lesson, or lessons will be written
off if already pre paid or else, if on a pay as you go basis will be paid for by the
student to avoid any loss to the Driving School.

5. Payments

Please note that all payments which operate on a Pay As You Go (PAYG) basis
will be collected in advance at the start of each lesson. This is to keep it fair to
customers who use our online Apple Pay/Google Pay facility and who pay for
their lessons in advance also.

Important Note:-
Before you purchase any package of lessons from
please be aware
that there are strictly NO REFUNDS given on any of the block bookings or
Special Offer packages, should the student change his/her mind midway
through their training.

All block bookings of 12 or 6 EDT Lessons
mentioned on the Price List page, or any of the Intensive Driving Course
Packages, MUST be completed within the time frame mentioned on that
particular offer from the original purchase date, otherwise that
package/block booking will become VOID and will NOT be entertained
any further. Any lessons outstanding that are NOT completed by the
student after the time frame deadline, will be automatically uploaded by
the Driving Instructor to the EDT Portal.

All Special Offer packages purchased MUST be completed within 2 months of
original purchase date or will become VOID and will NOT be entertained any
Please note that any deposit or subsequent training fees or Driving Test fees
paid, are not refundable in the event that you decide to cancel the training
once the booking has been accepted by

At this point a binding agreement is made between yourself and
This does not in any way affect your statutory rights to be provided with the
service you have bought (please refer to Term 11).

6. Lesson Cancellation Policy Including COVID-19 Cancellations.

reserves the right to postpone/cancel lessons if the Instructor feels that the weather or road conditions are such, that it would be unsuitable or dangerous to conduct a lesson which could potentially lead to an accident involving a skid or otherwise, and/or in the COVID-19 period, the number of cases begins to rise pending a sudden wave of the virus.

Should the COVID-19 pandemic arise again in the future and if a student becomes sick or unwell or begins showing signs of the virus, they MUST
contact the Driving School immediately by phone/text message.

Our policy here at 1 ROCK SOLID DRIVING SCHOOL regardless of any  government rulings, is that the student must now remain away for a period of 7 days from the date of contacting us. If a student is genuine with their illness then this should not be an issue to them and they would have no problem in waiting the required 7 days.

Outside of  the COVID-19 pandemic, if lessons are cancelled giving less than 24 hours notice, then HALF the full training fee for that period in question will be charged to the student regardless of excuse, including sickness and/or change to work or college schedules.

1 ROCK SOLID DRIVING SCHOOL can no longer, and will no longer tolerate any losses for any appointments missed for any reason. If the student actually fails to turn up for their lesson at the designated meeting point, and the Instructor is sitting waiting, then the FULL training fee will come into force regardless of any excuse. 

In all other situations, including work/college or school related last minute changes, or if a student does not turn up for their appointment on the day of their lesson, and he/she are already pre paid for all their lessons, then that particular lesson and/or lessons will be written off if they are EDT Lessons and the student will re commence his/her training on the lesson or lessons after the one they have missed unless the missed fee is paid. If the missed training fee is paid, then no lessons will be lost and the student can resume their lessons as normal on their next scheduled lesson.

For any student doing their EDT Lessons on a Pay As You Go Basis, a SumUp payment request will be sent via text message for the missed lesson/s. If the payment request is not paid within 24 hours of sending it by text, then no further lessons will be conducted with that particular student and the student is now free to go elsewhere for instruction, and cannot return to
1 ROCK SOLID DRIVING SCHOOL unless the payment is paid.

7. The Driving Test
a) Bookings

Driving Tests can be booked by you or your Instructor on your behalf. Driving
Test bookings always take priority over other lessons. Therefore, your lesson
may be postponed to allow for someone else’s Driving Test and vice-versa.
Changes to lesson bookings as a result of this will be notified immediately.
Driving Test appointments MUST be notified to

as they are known, otherwise we cannot guarantee to provide you with the
School vehicle on the day of your test.

b) Use Of The Driving School Vehicle For The Driving Test

Normally you would conduct your Driving Test in the

vehicle unless you wish to do the test in your own car or family car, in which case 
the responsibility of having your own vehicle road worthy, taxed, insured and with a valid NCT Cert relies solely with you.

The Car Hire + Pre-Lesson fee is applicable here unless otherwise stated.

In the interests of customer and public safety, the Instructor reserves the right
to withhold the use of the Driving School car for the Driving Test if, in his
professional opinion, the students driving is not up to Driving Test standards
or is actually/potentially dangerous, which may result in danger to the general
public or damage been caused to the Driving School Tuition Vehicle.

 c) Test Cancellation

If you decide to let
1 ROCK SOLID DRIVING SCHOOL book your Driving Test for you, then you agree that
be held responsible for any postponement or cancellation of tests authorised
by the Road Safety Authority (RSA)

8. Punctuality

In their own best interest, learners are advised to be punctual for their lesson
appointments. The
1 ROCK SOLID DRIVING SCHOOL Instructor will normally wait for a maximum of 15 minutes before the
lesson would be abandoned and the lesson fee forfeited or become due for
payment. A reciprocal waiting time may become necessary if the

1 ROCK SOLID DRIVING SCHOOL Instructor is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Any lesson time lost as a result of this would be made up by the Instructor
either at the end of the normal lesson time if possible or at a later date. Any
such shortfall will be recorded on the appointment record card and signed by the


9. Learner Comfort and Safety

In the interests of comfort and safety, learners are advised to wear suitable
footwear and clothing which does not restrict movement. 
Sandals & Flip Flops are NOT allowed.

Learners must also be aware of any medication they are taking that may affect their ability to drive safely and advise the Instructor accordingly before undergoing any lesson. If your medication forbids you to drive then don't drive.

10. Complaints

In the unlikely event of a complaint all efforts must be made to resolve the problem directly with the
1 ROCK SOLID DRIVING SCHOOL Instructor. However, please do not let a problem linger, and we will make every effort to resolve your complaint.

11. Your Statutory Rights

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions will reduce your statutory rights
relating to services provided. If you have any doubts about your statutory rights please contact your local Citizen's Advice Bureau.

To begin driving all you need to do is Contact Us to arrange your first lesson.
Home visits to talk about learning to drive are no problem. It is no problem
whatsoever on lesson days for
1 ROCK SOLID DRIVING SCHOOL to meet you at your home, school or place of work.

Your driving lesson time is for you only, so rest assured there will never be
any other pupil sharing on your lessons.
On your first lesson you will be collected and your Instructor will have a brief
chat at the roadside before moving off.
The most important thing is that everything will be done at your pace, as

1 ROCK SOLID DRIVING SCHOOL appreciates that everybody progresses at a different rate.

12. Special Offers

From time to time
1 ROCK SOLID DRIVING SCHOOL will advertise Special Offers. You can check these out anytime
by clicking here.
The 1 Hour Special Introductory Offer advertised for first time drivers would
normally entail the Cock Pit Drill and a Full Controls Lesson finishing off with
Basic Moving Off & Stopping.
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